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  • Address:Suite 807, TianAn Hi-tech Development Plzaza. No.555 North PanYu Road, PanYu DistrictGuangZhou, China.
  • Tel:020-39211238
  • Fax:020-39211286
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  • ASTAR is an American company, Which is focusing on the technology R&D and production of the mold release agents and cleaners.  ASTAR established technical service and logistics center in GuangZhou and ShangHai China. ASTAR products high quality Durakote external & internal release agents , which service general industry had been nearly 20 years experiences,.

    Especially in advanced composite industry - wind blade, aerospace, yacht, transportation, sport equipment, other parts and rubber parts manufacturing industry used to obtain good results and market recognition. The company's future direction is from solvent based products to environmental water matrix type products.

    ASTAR (GUAGNZHOU) CO.,LTD is the discovery of ASTAR UAS. for Durakote products in China logistics and technical support center, enterprises to obtain AS9120A certification, customer demand-oriented, always adhere to high quality products and services.

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